How It Works?

Our integrated corporate wellness program is specially designed to improve employees' health and reduce medical cost which will increase productivity and bottom line of the organisation.

Weekly Group Exeecise

● Special workouts design for all fitness level..
● From low to high intensity such as Yoga, Pilate, Kickboxing and etc.

Monthly Health Talk

● Interesting, exciting and informative Lunch N' Learns.
● Conducted over lunch by wellness experts.
● Employees can eat while learning an exciting health topic.

Weight Management

● Corporate version of "The Biggest Loser".
● Excitement, competitiveness and fresh approach.
● A-Z management including forms, posters, buntings and emails blast.

Stress management

● Learn techniques to manage stress.
● Control negative emotions.
● Manage time and work.

Monthly Newsletter

● Customized 4 pages of full color info.
● Can incorporate message from CEO or Head of Department.
● Health articles from experts.
● Upcoming activities.

Monthly HD Video

● HD, production quality videos.
● Short & impactful; 3-5 minutes long.
● Can be watched nationwide.

Reminder Posters, Buttons and etc.

● We conceptualize, design and produce for you.
● There shall be a consistent look and identity for all items.
● These serve as reminders for health to employees.

On-Site Health Screening

● Organize experienced team to your work place.
● Corporate report that summarizes the organization's health profile n basic screening tests.
● Trending on your year-to-year organization's health profile.

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